Brenda Addie

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Age Range: 60 — 85

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 157cm

Hair colour: Blonde, Grey

Eye colour: Green

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Brenda Addie has over 30 years in the Australian and International performing arts arena. She has credits including major television roles in Bellbird, Chances, Neighbours and Prisoner and many Australian films including Evil Angels and Father. She has worked with Meryl Streep, Sam Neil, Max von Sydow, Michael York, Richard Todd, Brendan Gleeson, Frances De La Tour, Debra Lawrence and Sooty.

She has expanded her creative talents to include dramaturgy, playwriting and directing. Her academic expertise lies in Theatre Studies where her Masters’ research thesis centered on Greek tragedy in an Australian regional community setting.

Over her long career, Brenda has directed 16 theatre productions including 6 page-to-stage adaptations of James Joyce’s Ulysses and The Tragedy of Lucrece by Enzo Condello and The Servant of the Revolution by Anitra Nelson. She has appeared in more than 30 film and television productions and in 19 theatre shows.